Captain James Piano

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4-H Spoons


Item Number Top Color Back Color Tape Color Price
4RGHOST Gold Ghost Gold N/A $5.29
4RGO Gold Orange Gold N/A $5.29
4RGH Gold Habanero Gold Green and Chartreuse $5.29
4RWALE White Alewife White N/A $5.29
4RSLG Silver Flutter Brass Green Laser $4.99
4RSCOC Orange Crush Flutter Copper Orange Crush $4.99
4RCCOC Copper Flutter Copper Orange Crush $4.99
4RCCK Copper Killer Copper Glow Black Ladder $4.99
4RSCFO Silver Flutter Copper Fire & Orange $4.99
4RSCOL Silver Flutter Copper Orange Ladder $4.99
4RYOO Monkey Puke Silver Heavy $4.99
4RYGG Green Monkey Puke Silver Heavy $4.99
4RYBB Blue Monkey Puke Silver Heavy $4.99
4RYRR Red Monkey Puke Silver Heavy $4.99
4RPTS Purple Thunder Silver Silver Hammered or Heavy $4.99